Puerto Rico Syllabus

Essential tools for critical thinking about the Puerto Rican debt crisis.


The Puerto Rico Syllabus Project is a bilingual online portal with digital teaching and learning tools regarding Puerto Rico’s multidimensional crises. The site was created in May 2017 by an all-women working group, composed of both faculty and graduate students at various ranks in social sciences, humanities, and interdisciplinary programs, to provide critical resources in both English and Spanish regarding Puerto Rico’s debt crisis. Over time, and in particular after Hurricane Maria had devastating effects on the island, the site has expanded thematically beyond the narrow frame of the debt crisis to also address broader political and economic issues. The webpage contains an extensive thematic annotated bibliography with interdisciplinary academic, journalistic, curricular, and multimedia resources around key topics including history, debt, sovereignty, migration, and Hurricane Maria. It also contains a sections dedicated to activist organizations and citizen initiatives in Puerto Rico and the diaspora to connect readers to ongoing social justice work. As a project of public scholarship and advocacy, Puerto Rico Syllabus aims to provide inclusive ways to engage digital publics and to historicize and make sense of Puerto Rico’s colonial, debt, and climate crises for a broad audience.


Visualizing Sovereignty

Animated video of Caribbean political history designed by Yarimar Bonilla and Max Hantel.

The video above is part of a larger project that seeks to use the advantages of cartography in the digital age to reimagine Caribbean Political History. The Project asks: How can we not just visualize sovereignty but use visualizations to re-theorize the meaning of sovereignty itself? The article below explains the project in greater depth and points towards future possibilities.

Temporal map of the Caribbean – Societies ordered by date in which they obtained their current political status