Political Anthropologist

Both an accomplished scholar and a prominent public intellectual, Yarimar Bonilla is a leading voice on questions of Caribbean and Latinx politics. She is a 2018-2020 Carnegie Fellow for her current research on the political, economic, and social aftermath of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and is currently a Professor at the City University of New York.

Blurring the lines between political and historical anthropology, Yarimar teaches and writes about questions of sovereignty, citizenship, and race across the Americas.


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Yarimar is a celebrated author and editor known for both her analytical acumen and lucid prose. Throughout her writings she explores how contemporary political actors navigate, contest, and transform the limits of modern politics across the Americas and beyond.

Digital Projects

Professor Bonilla has a strong interest in the role of digital technologies in the democratization of knowledge. She produces animated scholarly videos, public syllabi, and online scholarly resources.


Academic Articles

Writing broadly across disciplines and fields, Bonilla’s academic articles have tackled questions of coloniality, sovereignty, historicity, racial politics, digital ethnography, cartographic representation, and the politics of memory. At present she is committed to publishing solely in open-access platforms.